May 2018

The weather is AMAZING here in Omaha. Glad to finally be able to work outside and enjoy the fresh air. Nothing better then Nebraska spring / summer.

March 2018

I’ve been listening to the podcast Atlanta Monster and then found out about the previous one Up & Vanished and obsessed. Went through 6 episodes last night alone.

Taking a road trip to Colorado to get tattooed and see an exhibit of my favorite artist, Cleon Peterson. Been inspired to take my photos and video. Let’s see if I remember to take more in the moment.

January 2018

The whole concept of a new year, new me has always been annoying to me. However, I have really been excited about what this year has in store for myself and the family. Been trying to live on the “Less talking, More doing” by joining a gym, working on personal projects I’ve been letting sit there, and just focus on whats important. Excited for what 2018 has in store!

Podcast: The Ride – ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Anyone that knows me is aware of my obsession with Disneyworld and theme parks in general. I’ve recently started listening to a new podcast called… Podcast: The Ride. They talk about some of my favorite rides and tell you behind the scenes stories and how they came about. Highly recommend.

December 2017

Omaha Talks

I know my last post was about Omaha Talks but I don’t care. This has become my new obsession and found an outlet to meet great people in our town and promote people/friends that are doing great things. Also, talking about childhood memories bring up what I love about some of my other favorite podcasts.

I have a podcast!

My good friend Parker and I have started a podcast called Omaha Talks. We sit down with influential and interesting people from Omaha with a story to tell. You can check out some of our episodes here.

August 2017

My Favorite Murder – ★ ★ ★

I have a love for true crime podcasts. Been listening to a lot of My Favorite Murder over the last couple of weeks. I love it… Only thing is they take a good 45 mins to an hour to get into the reasoning behind the podcast. Still great great.


Well… The last couple of months have been crazy. Good crazy but ready to get back into posting. Heading to Colorado tomorrow so a blog post and notes to come!

Ready Player One

I just bought the book and hoping to find the time to get some reading in. Watching the trailer and being such a big fan of pop culture and especially 80s pop culture. This is going to be an epic movie!

Also… Steven Spielberg

June 2017

Just got back from a week in NYC. It was a great but exhausting trip. Midwest is best!


Heading out to New York for the 99u Conference.

Things 3 is back! It was definitely worth the wait!

April 2017

Got around to putting together my office. Can’t wait to finally have a place to work!


Taking a much needed vacation to Disneyworld.

Workflow is a game changer!

Apple recently acquired them and can’t wait to see what they do with it. Taking automation to a whole new level.

After 6 months I am finally setting up my office. Looking forward to having a place to get away and get work done. The dining room table and bedroom just isn’t cutting it lately.

Currently reading Creativity Inc.

March 2017

Kendrick at it again….

StrangeWays NYC

I have a decent collection of The Smith’s and Morrisey t-shirts. But StrangeWays is now the only place I’m going to go. Printing awesome variations of vintage tour shirts and stuff you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Also, the quality of the t-shirts are top notch.

S Town ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I’ve been a big fan of podcasts for 10 years now. Listening to a little bit of everything when it comes to genre. For the first time in a long time I can’t stop listening to S Town. I can’t say much without giving away the story but highly recommend you give it a listen.

Only 10 more days before I go to Disneyworld. Can’t get here soon enough!

This will be my first time there without the family. Excited to explore and enjoy it at my own pace.