April 14, 2017

Anyone that knows me knows that I am absolutely obsessed with anything Disney. I grew up wanting to be an animator and would frequent Disneyworld as much as possible growing up. Now that I am older I get to share that love for it with my family. Especially my son and daughter.

However, I somehow talked my fiancé Missy into letting me take a trip without the family. We had just went back in October for the Not So Scary Halloween event and absolutely loved it. This time, my friend Josh and I went family free to have a dude week at the happiest place on earth.

It was the first time using the dinner plan and honestly don’t know if I will ever go again without using it. Outside of what it cost to get down there I spent maybe $100-$150 bucks the entire week. Everything I needed was taken care of. It make the trip so much more enjoyable not having to budget for food.

The other interesting thing was that the parks now serve alcohol. I’ve been going to the park for the better part of 30 years and this was the first time where I was able to buy a beer or cocktail in various places inside the park. Not THAT big of a deal but little perks like that made it fun. When we had time to kill between rides / fast passes we would grab a beer and walk around.